April 27, 2020

With lockdown end looming, more and more British businesses are looking at ways they can enable their staff to safely return to the workplace after the COVID-19 pandemic. 

Business are now starting to look into electronic products that can protect and prevent the spread of...

March 23, 2020

Covid-19 is affecting everyone – but we can get through it if we all support each other. Looking after and protecting our customers and employees is our top priority. So we’ll be closely monitoring the guidance provided by Public Health England supported by the local and...

October 11, 2019

Analysis of 10 years’ worth of our claims data reveals that the bad ‘guys’ come out on Bonfire Night, sparking a 22% increase in burglaries compared with a typical day.  The data also shows:

- Halloween is the worst day of the year for vandalism with claims for malicious d...

October 8, 2019

Because we know that it's not only burglar alarms and CCTV that keep people secure throughout the halloween period, we've put together our top tips and tricks t