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Property Secured after Burglary

This week, we've been busy securing a ground floor flat in Herne Hill.

Our clients had a break-in during building works, where intruders forced the front sash window to the property and stole valuable items and the builder's tools.

When it comes to securing sash windows, even newer style double glazed units can be prized open and these types of windows are generally targeted as an easy entry point for burglars. We always recommend Sash stops, these sit on the top frame of the window and limit or restrict the amount the window can be opened. For older framed windows, you can also get screw locks that actually screw through both frames of the sash in the middle, these use a special key to stop people from prizing apart the frame.

We've assisted in securing this Herne Hill property by adding a complete perimeter detection system comprising of shock vibration detectors and door contacts along with passive movement sensors in all ground floor accessible rooms.

The client also wanted some external deterrent, so we've installed our smart floodlight camera which incorporates a floodlight, along with Ultra High Definition Camera with on board SD card storage to the front and back of the property, along with our branded external sirens.

Alarm receiving centre monitoring via CSL Dualcom with police response reassures our clients that in the event when its needed most, assistance from us, and the police is one signal away.

Need your property securing as we go into 2021? Contact us on 0800 031 4350 or visit


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