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Securing your home during building works

We have seen an increase in buildings and properties being broken into when it is visible from the street that building works are in progress.

More often than not, homeowners move out of their properties whilst extensive building work takes places and it provides rich pickings for opportunist thieves and burglars who are generally after expensive tools and machinery.

One of our existing clients who live in Camberwell had our award winning system installed last year when buying their property, they've since moved out temporarily and we modified the system to ensure that our sensors wouldn't get in the way of the builders, but more importantly protected areas of the house where their belongings were being stored.

Unfortunately, last week at around 2AM, there was an attempted burglary at the property and two suspects were captured on CCTV. They made a considerable amount of damage, however as we had previously been to site to secure sections of the building and strategically placed our movement detectors for early detection they left empty handed.

Our clients have since upgraded security with back to base monitoring with police response, along with external detection and high definition CCTV.

If you're building works are extensive enough to require scaffolding, it is advised that a separate stand alone alarm system is installed with the scaffolding. Also speak with your builders and ensure that they are aware of personal belongings being stored in rooms if you are not taking them out of the property. Think about building a strong room in an area unaffected by the building work, a room which can be boarded up and prevents access to criminals and builders.

If you are starting your project in the near future, think about security at the design stage, many homeowners make the mistake of completing the build and then leaving the alarm and security systems to the end. Our security systems can be integrated to your build plan to ensure that you have all round protection throughout your project.

For a free, no obligation quote or system design and planning, contact us today.

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