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Benefits of a Paxton Access Control System

Paxton Access Control Systems are British engineered and built security solutions that helps manage and control access to a building or a specific area within a building. Here are some benefits of using a Paxton Access Control System:

Enhanced Security: Paxton Access Control Systems can help enhance the security of a building or a specific area by restricting access to authorised personnel only. It can also help in preventing unauthorised access by providing an audit trail of who entered the premises and at what time.

  1. Easy to Use: The Paxton Access Control System is easy to use and does not require any special skills or training. It can be operated by anyone who has been authorised to use the system.

  2. Scalability: The system is scalable, which means it can be expanded or reduced according to the needs of the organisation. It is ideal for small, medium, and large organisations.

  3. Integration: Paxton Access Control Systems can be integrated with other security solutions such as CCTV, alarms, and intercom systems to provide a complete security solution for the organisation.

  4. Cost-Effective: The Paxton Access Control System is cost-effective compared to other security solutions. It requires minimal installation and maintenance costs and is a one-time investment. When considering an Access Control System, it's important to factor in the lifetime and servicing costs into your budget.

  5. Convenience: The system provides convenience to users as they do not have to carry keys or remember access codes. Users can gain access to the building or specific areas using a key fob or a card.

  6. Remote Management: Paxton Access Control Systems can be managed remotely, providing flexibility and ease of management. This means that the system can be monitored and controlled from anywhere in the world, using an internet-enabled device.

Paxton Systems come in a variety of different forms;

Switch 2 is a basic standalone system which comprises of a reader, controller and fobs, these are programmed directly onto the reader and there is no further functionality such as time and attendance or tracking of who has entered and at what time.

Net 2 is a reliable system that has been around for a number of years, this system uses a server windows based PC, which records events in real-time, fobs and cards are programmed locally using the card reader and can be deactivated quickly, this system is often networked, either on its own between each controller, or via the existing IT network.

Paxton 10 is the latest Access Control system which runs using a dedicated server machine, this allows remote access using a pc, laptop or tablet to control and command the system, Paxton 10 allows you to issue smart credentials via bluetooth so that end users can use mobile devices and smartwatches for access.

Paxton Entry - This is an intercom system that links into either Net2 or Paxton 10, this comes in options such as a touchscreen or vandal resistant call station. Internal monitors allow you to see who is at the door before releasing, and to speak to visitors.

Henson Security are Gold approved installers for Paxton and have carried out installations and servicing for a number of businesses across London. If you are looking for a service provider to discuss Paxton options, please do not hesitate to contact us for a free, no-obligation survey


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