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Belgravia Mansion Secured - Jan 2021

Henson Security is pleased to confirm the completion of an Intruder Alarm, IP CCTV system and Door Video Entry System to a 7 storey classical mansion in a famous London Square in Belgravia, this project was carried out over a 6 month period where we liaised with the client directly, as well as their security consultant, and on-site contractors.

The grand Belgravia property required a number of different detection devices to ensure that a confirmed alarm would be generated in the event of a burglary. We installed over 100 detectors, including window and door vibration detectors, movement detectors, external beam detectors in the basement, flat roofs and roof areas, panic buttons and break-glass detectors. We also installed accelerometer detectors to protect expensive artworks from unauthorised movement.

Our clients brief was that they were looking for intelligent all-around perimeter detection, that was invisible to the eye but quick to respond, working along with the carpentry contractors and window and door specialists, we were able to hide the vibration detectors in the frames of the windows and doors, with a service hatch on each frame for future servicing and maintenance, this along with magnetic contacts top and bottom ensures that a confirmed alarm is generated if the window is smashed and then unlocked and slid open, larger windows include more than one shock detector where necessary.

External beam detectors were placed at the balcony, roof terrace, roof and internal basement courtyard areas to give early warning in the event of an intrusion, these, combined with low profile, stainless steel internal sounders placed in common areas and on landings ensures quick notification.

Being an SSAIB approved contractor, we partnered with BT Redcare, installing their next-generation Redcare communicator for continuous monitoring back to our NSI Gold Accredited Alarm Receiving Centre.

IP CCTV was installed externally and covert IP Cameras installed internally, all connected to a state of the art NVR, with off-site recording and monitoring. Door Video Entry system, connected to the existing Control4 Home Automation system and app ensures that the owner or staff can be notified or view footage or visitors whenever required from one of the smart-screens dotted within the property.

If you have an important building or property to protect, please get in contact to see how our security experts can assist in helping provide next-generation electronic security.

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Carl Hardy
Carl Hardy
Sep 23, 2022

Great reading yourr post

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