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Simplify Multi-Site Security Management with Henson Security's Innovative Solutions from ILOQ

Managing security systems for multiple locations can be challenging, especially when dealing with different premises, locations and a high staff turnover. Henson Security offers a groundbreaking solution, centralising security systems to create a seamless and efficient approach across all your premises. Our expertise in ILOQ locks ensures unparalleled flexibility, providing your staff with hassle-free access when it matters most.

ILOQ battery-less access control, mobile lock, smart lock
ILOQ in action, unlocking a battery-less padlock

Are you tired of juggling various security systems at different premises? Henson Security's approach allows you to streamline your security operations, ensuring uniformity across all your locations. With ILOQ locks, you can grant temporary access to employees, even from other stores, eliminating the need for physical keys and ensuring uninterrupted business operations, all through their smartphone or bluetooth token.

Utility companies can revolutionise their security with our cutting-edge ILOQ locks. Battery-less and utilising mobile phone RFID technology, these locks provide secure access to data and utility cabinets. We empower you to manage credentials for specific users, ensuring compliance and maintaining full control over your estate. Whilst being able to manage the system remotely is ideal, we offer full in-house management of your system, taking away the hassle of updating and maintaining your estate access. Providing reporting and checking access requests are granted, along reducing internal risk such as automatic suspension of access if certification is out of date, or if the site requires two-persons and only one credential is supplied.

At Henson Security, our knowledgeable, and tech-savvy team is dedicated to meeting your security needs. As expert installers, we bring top-notch expertise and exceptional service to every project, guaranteeing a smooth and efficient installation process.

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