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How Secure is your Wireless Burglar Alarm?

You may have recently read an article issued by the Mail on Sunday about jamming devices that can deactivate your wireless burglar alarm, fortunately all our systems feature anti-jamming technology with two-way signalling which prevent this.

Essentially, what this means is that both the control panel and the sensor its self will communicate back and forth with each other to ensure that signals are sent and received and are not intercepted in between.

Many cheaper, DIY systems do not feature this two-way device technology and can leave your system and more importantly your family and property at risk. According to the Mail on Sunday's article, a YARD Stick One available freely from Amazon and other online retailers can be used in combination with a laptop to interfere or jam signals from one way wireless burglar alarms. Whilst these YARD devices are illegal to use in the United Kingdom, they are still widely available.

The article also mentions remote use of set and unset remotes which can also be intercepted, fortunately our Henson Security alarm systems with remote handheld set and unset devices feature the same two-way technology, along with a rolling code, which means even if the devices were intercepted and codes picked up, by the time the criminals had attempted to unset the alarm system, its unique code would be invalid and your system secure.

You can read the full article on the Mail on Sunday's website here;

If you have concerns about your wireless intruder alarm system and are looking for advice on how you can secure your property, contact us for a free, no-obligation security survey by calling us on 0203 488 1699 or visiting

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