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Keep your home and garage safe this summer

With so many of us having been “Locked Down” in our homes, the number of house burglaries has dropped over the past weeks, however thieves have evidently still out and about, and have been taking advantage of easy pickings, such as open doors and windows or poorly secured garages and sheds. You can greatly reduce the risk of falling victim by taking a few simple security measures to help make your property less attractive to the thieves. Most thieves are opportunists and target homes or properties that offer the least risk of been caught. Your home. Whether you leave you home for the day to go to work, just a few minutes to pop to the shops or get some fresh air, or to work in your back garden you should take steps to make your home look occupied, and ensure any accessible windows (ground floor or reachable) and doors are securely closed. If you go out in the evenings don’t leave your home in darkness. Detached Garages Detached garages were not designed to provide safe storage and most are tucked away from the view of passing traffic or local residents so are often targeted by thieves. When did you last visit your garage and ensure the garage door lock actually works? Garage doors are usually light weight and supplied with only a basic type lock that can be forced with a screwdriver or similar bladed tool so any door will benefit from the installation of additional security locks[MJ1] . Mortice locks or lockable bolts fitted down towards the bottom corners reduce the risk of offenders gaining access by prising the bottom of the door  outwards. Security Mark and register tools and other items that you store in your garage so that they can be identified. Inside the garage think about chaining items to secure shelves, and installing anchor points to which Motor bikes or bicycles can be padlocked. Garden Sheds. Don’t rely on the fact your shed is within your garden for its security.  There are evidently thieves who will wander into private gardens to check for unlocked or insecure sheds and steal tools, lawn mowers, bicycles or whatever else they can lay their hands on. On several occasions thieves have used tools or items such as a garden spade to go on and break into the house. As with a detached garage sheds should be fitted with secure locks. Additionally there are solar powered lights and alarms available that will deter a thief from targeting your property. Again Security Mark and register tools and other items you have to store in your shed, and padlock such items as your bikes, lawnmower and even BBQ.


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