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Temperature Detection Systems - the new way of life?

With lockdown end looming, more and more British businesses are looking at ways they can enable their staff to safely return to the workplace after the COVID-19 pandemic.

Business are now starting to look into electronic products that can protect and prevent the spread of coronavirus and ensure that risks are reduced from infections in the workplace. This is where the use of Thermal Imaging Cameras for Temperature Detection come into play. These thermal screening cameras can detect elevated temperatures in humans with accuracy of up to ±0.3℃.

A great thing about infrared cameras is that you can point them at a scene and get a visual image of how hot or cold things are which offers a contact free solution for fast and efficient screening. With a huge rise of temperature detection screening system in use now in China, it is only a matter of time before British businesses also adapt the same technology to minimize the chances of 'super spreaders' and those who display symptoms of the coronavirus within the work place.

For further information about coronavirus temperature detection system using thermal imaging, contact us today.

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