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Who's at your door?

Who's at the door? A common question you'll ask yourself when an unexpected visitor rings on your door bell.

In the age of online shopping and next day deliveries, its not uncommon for your doorbell to ring unexpectedly, You may have on more than one occasion taken in a package or delivery for your neighbours.

Meter readers, which are now mostly subcontracted can also work well into the late evening and door to door sellers are still present in many communities. This can leave you feeling vulnerable and open to attack on your own doorstep. Henson Security have increasingly attended properties where the resident has been attacked or robbed when answering the door, especially in more affluent neighbourhoods, Many busy families might have a nanny or cleaner who are frequently left alone in your property and could allow a thief or trickster into your home unwillingly.

Whilst there are many different ways to protect your property and yourself, one of the most important ways is to prevent an opportunity for a thief or trickster in the first place. Tell nannies and staff, and educate your family on the importance of not opening the door if anyone unexpected calls, and keep them posted if you are expecting a delivery.

Get into the habit of using your spy hole if you have one fitted and if possible ask the unexpected visitor who they are before opening the door. Although most front doors have a door chain, these can present a false sense of security and can often be surpassed with a light kick or shoulder barge. The screws supplied with security chairs are usually inadequate.

If, after you have verified who is there, you do decide to open the door, if it is a meter reader or representative from a utility company, ask to see their ID. You can always check the caller is genuine by contacting your utility company. It is recommended that you contact them by searching for their contact number, rather than using the number printed on the ID card. Legitimate callers will be more than happy to wait for you to verify their ID.

There have been an increasing rise of courier fraud, this is when a fake company will leave a 'while you were out' or similar card at your property, often the numbers on these cards will be premium rate numbers that are expensive to call. We have also heard of these companies advising that your package wasn't properly posted with the correct charges and there is an outstanding bill to be paid before they can deliver it. Be wary of these companies and if in doubt search for the company before calling.

With the smart home revolution taking place, it may be worth investing in a smart door bell, these door bells have built in cameras and two-way mic's which allow you to speak to the visitors before answering the door. They can be powered by your existing doorbell, or operate from battery. Some also include cloud recording so that the footage is saved remotely. However be cautious as to what information you say over your smart doorbell, burglars may pose as a delivery person and may ask when you will be home, or if there is anyone at home, in instances like this, it's advisable to say that you're unable to come to the door and not that you're out.

If you're interested in obtaining a quote for a smart door bell, or any other additional security equipment for your property, please contact us on 0800 031 4350

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