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How Does An Intruder Alarm Work?

It is a known fact that properties that have intruder alarm installed are less likely to be burgled. A Burglar Alarm is designed to provide a notification and warning of intruder on your premises.

Quick action is important during a break-in, A burglar alarm facilitates a fast response of notifying people within the local proximity of the property, and increasingly the home owner, security company or the police.

Burglar alarms consist of electronic components that are placed around the property to detect unauthorised entry. Sensors installed in rooms, and windows and doors detect movement and the opening and closing, or vibration / heavy impact of windows and doors. Once activated the system will provide an audible notification, usually by an internal sounder, and a external sounder placed out of reach externally.

Burglar Alarms can be used in a wide range of applications, these include;

There are a wide variety of burglar alarms to suit the requirements of your property and your budget, however most burglar alarms are similar in the way they work. It is important to consider what you would like the burglar alarm to do in the event of an activation. Cheaper DIY alarm systems may just provide an audible only notification, relying on your neighbours. These types of systems will never connect to a monitoring centre and most burglar are aware of the brands that are DIY systems. Professionally installed systems are available with audible only, monitoring via smartphone, or connected to our alarm receiving centre who can action key-holders or the police. With a professionally monitored system, a potential burglar won't know whether your system is an audible only system, or connected with all the bells and whistles with immediate police response.

The communication methods can vary, from more traditional methods of using your existing telephone line, to using your wi-fi or an independent sim card on a secure network such as CSL Dualcom, or Redcare.

Most intruder alarms work on the same principles, sensors such a magnetic reed contacts are attached to doors and windows and use a magnet switch to monitor whether the window or door is opened or closed. If the circuit is broken by the window or door open, the alarm is triggered. Motion detectors also work in a similar way, these are strategically placed in positions around the property to detect motion. Activation of the motion sensors in turn activate the alarm system, activating the sounders and communication device.

All sensors are connected back to a control panel which also has a keypad connected to it. The control panel holds a back-up battery to power the system in the event of a power cut and the communicator if the system has monitoring. The control panel is always fitted in a protected area, so should the property be burgled the alarm would go off before an intruder had access to damage or tamper with the system. The keypad allows you to set and unset the system and generally has a display built in.

There are three types of burglar alarm systems currently available, Wired


and Hybrid

Wired means all of the detectors are individually wired back to the control panel, wireless system will consist of wireless detectors and warning devices, the control panel is generally the only part of the system that is wired in to the mains supply at the property.

Hybrid systems consist of a mixture of wireless and wired, a keypad or external bell could be wired, and the detection devices be wireless, or a combination or wired and wireless detectors.

If you'd like more information, or have any questions about intruder alarms, please do not hesitate to contact us 0800 031 4350

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