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Can I Take My Alarm System If I Move House?

Home security systems represent a significant investment for both homeowners and companies like ours providing the hardware, maintenance and monitoring services.

Depending on the installer, home security systems meet the needs of homeowners who are moving in a variety of different ways, depending in large part on the installer, and type of security system you have installed.

If you received a home security system and professional installation services by entering into a monitoring contract, moving your equipment and/or services often requires meeting certain stipulations spelled out in the contract .Fortunately, Henson Security offer a free moving service for our ARC (Alarm Receiving Centre) connected customers. Existing Customers with wireless systems can have their system reinstalled free of charge into their new property.

Generally we attend your previous property and where possible, remove and re-install the system on the same day. In cases where we are unable to re-install on the same day, we'll remove the existing system and arrange a fitting date for us to re-install the system. Before we re-install the system, we'll carry out a security and risk survey to ensure that the existing equipment covers the new property. In cases where you need extra devices, these are charged at preferential rates.

In cases where the existing system is more comprehensive, such as a wired or hybrid system it may be more cost effective to completely install a new system. As with all of our systems, you purchase the equipment from us at the point of installation and therefore can transfer the ownership of the burglar alarm to the new owner.

If you've moved into a new property with an existing Henson Security burglar alarm system, we are more than happy to come out and review the existing system and provide options for system monitoring and maintenance.

Henson Security offer monitoring including key-holder monitoring, police response monitoring and app controlled smart monitoring to your smartphone.

If you are looking for more information about moving your alarm system please contact us on 0800 031 4350

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