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Choosing the right security system for your home

Choosing the right alarm for your home can be complicated due to the range and diversity of intruder alarms on the market.

In the UK, it takes on average 5-6 minutes for an intruder to gain access to a property. A house with a visible deterrent such as an intruder alarm is less likely to be broken into than a home without any system in place. One of the main challenges you face when choosing the right alarm for your home is defining exactly what you want to happen once your intruder alarm is set off.

Today’s sophisticated intruder alarm systems offer a multitude of options that puts you or nominated others, in control – or directly involves the emergency services if preferred.

Where you live and the type of home you have can be a good place to start when it comes to defining what level of protection you need.

Protecting your flat

Accessed from a communal entrance, flats are often targeted by intruders due to poor access control. Once inside the main building, an intruder will typically make their way up to top floor flats as they are less likely to be caught breaking in by passers by. For this reason, choosing an audible intruder alarm with a high powered internal siren acts as a major intruder deterrent and warning signal to your immediate neighbours.

If you were to be inside your flat when a break in occurs, then knowing you can send an immediate distress signal to the emergency services will help to bring you peace of mind. This can be achieved by our wired and wireless portable hold-up panic buttons.

If you live in, rent or let a flat which is accessed off a shared landing on the first floor or above, then your front door is your only form of defence against an intruder. Balancing security with fire safety in a flat is essential, so installing a wireless smoke or heat detector alongside your main intruder alarm offers a complete safety solution. Which can also be monitored for fire brigade response.

Safer bungalow living

Living in a bungalow means that you can feel more vulnerable due to the increased visibility on the ground floor and the increased risk of direct disruption should a burglary take place while you are at home. Ensuring your intruder alarm has perimeter detectors for your garden can give you advanced warning that an intruder could be within close proximity of your property. Protecting all key entry points on your ground floor such as windows and doors is essential and shock sensors detect early entry to scare the burglar away before gaining access inside the property. These can also be switched on at night to provide complete 24 hour protection.

A remote control keyfob offers added peace of mind for the elderly, those living alone or who need regular medical care, as it offers an emergency assistance service if required.

Raising the alarm in a semi-detached house

Semi detached houses typically back on to quiet through-roads which make for an uninterrupted intruder getaway via a back garden. Perimeter detectors based in large open areas and alleyways can detect burglars and provide an audible alert to our smartphone app, or our NSI approved monitoring centre.

The added warning given by alarm sirens with integrated flashing lights and alarm warning stickers placed on windows and doors around your property can deter a potential intruder before they commit a crime. A semi-detached house will typically have multiple neighbours living within a few hundred yards of the surrounding area, so an external siren can act as a powerful preventative measure.

Minimising detached house intrusions

Usually on the larger size, detached properties tend to have a surrounding garden that offers an intruder a more secluded and appealing target due to the decreased risk of being disturbed. This is where an integrated security system offers protection for an entire family.

Installing an alarm with a GPRS monitoring which uses 3 mobile telephone networks. Gone are the days of having to memorise alarm codes. Install a smart keypad and every member of your family will be able to arm and disarm your alarm in an easy and convenient way via smart key fobs so you always know exactly who has entered your home at any given time.

A surveillance camera such as our WiFi internal and external cameras can offer added security for outbuildings such as sheds, garages and summer houses. They can watch, record and listen to everything that happens on a daily basis in high definition. Video content can then be accessed via your smartphone, tablet or computer.

If you require any further information on the many different electronic methods of securing your home, please do not hesitate to contact us on 0800 031 4350

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