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How to Prevent Burglary

Burglars are predictably unpredictable, but there’s a number of ways you can proactively protect yourself. Below you’ll find a variety of suggestions to assist in anti-burglary defense.

  • Start a Neighborhood Watch System A neighborhood watch system is a resident-run surveillance arrangement that’s intended to thwart crime in your neighborhood. This civilian-based system is a great way to keep your community united and on the same page regarding issues like new construction and planning applications, and general resident safety. Ultimately, multiple eyes on your street mean fewer chances for thieves to steal from you.

  • Invest in a Security System and Cameras Give yourself peace of mind with a home security system. Your options vary from indoor or outdoor security cameras (without monitoring services) to well-reviewed security systems with remote smartphone capabilities.

  • Keep Quiet on Social Media A Holiday is exciting, but don’t showcase your absence on social media—you never know who is watching.

  • Make Your House Look Lived In When you’re out, make sure you put a hold on your post and milk delivery. Put your lights on a timer, or ask your neighbors to intermittently park in your driveway. Give your home a lived-in look and feel.

  • Use Privacy Film Line decorative windows with privacy film for added defense against nosy neighbors or thieves. Privacy film keeps inquisitive eyes from seeing your valuables, yet still lets natural light seep through.

  • Close Your Blinds Late afternoon light is wonderful, but leaving your blinds raised opens up your home to passersby and therefore thieves.

  • Use Smart Bulbs and Motion Sensitive Lights Burglars want to be incognito, and smart bulbs or motion sensitive lights prevent that from happening. Smart bulbs can be controlled from a home security smart hub too.

  • Always Lock Your Doors and Windows An unlocked door is an open invitation. If you want to go the extra mile, outfit your windows and doors with motion sensors.

  • Beware of Oversharing Be cognizant of who you invite into your home and how much information you share with that person. That friendly handy worker might have ulterior motives.

  • Get a New Hiding Spot Burglars know the ole sock drawer hiding spot. Get creative—hide valuables in your kid’s toy basket or the supplies cabinet. Or better yet, buy yourself a safe.

While there’s no surefire way to prevent a burglar from casing your house, remaining vigilant and aware and taking precautionary measures will help protect your home and family in the long run. So whether you choose a dog, motion sensitive lights, or a professionally monitored home security service, trust that you’ve made the effort to protect your home from thieves. Look at your eyes through the eyes of a burglar, does that first floor window that you've always left open have easy access to a flat roof or drain pipe? Consider different access points that you may never have thought of, a burglar can be like spiderman if they really want to get in!

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