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10 Ways to Feel Safe When You're Home Alone

Being home alone can be a nerve-wracking experience, especially if it’s your first time home alone or if you’ve recently moved out on your own. If you’re out on your own for the first time, going from being surrounded by people to living alone takes some getting used to.

Take a look at 10 tips that will help you feel safer when you’re alone.

1. Get to know your neighbors.

You’ll want to get to know your neighbors as soon as you can. Not only will you make some new friends you can invite over for dinner or go to a movie with, but you’ll know there’s someone looking out for you. Friendly neighbors will keep an eye on your home and help alert you to any potential problems.


2. Lock the door.

You may live in a really safe neighborhood, but as soon as you come in the house, be sure to lock the door. You can keep any strangers from walking in with the door locked. A latch lock, along with an insurance approved deadlock on all doors is best.

3. Have an emergency plan.

Have a fire emergency plan and know the safest way to get out in case of an emergency. You’ll need to react quickly if there’s a fire, so having a plan will help take away the guess work.

4. Get an alarm system.

Install some type of alarm or security system. A security system you can monitor from your phone or your work computer will let you monitor your home, even when you aren’t there. To help you decide which system is right for you, contact us for a free, no obligation quote

5. Turn on exterior lights and close the blinds.

When the sun sets and it starts to get dark, turn on the exterior lights and close the blinds or curtains in the house. Lights and sounds deter criminals, so outside lights will keep an intruder away.

6. Buy a dog.

You don’t necessarily have to get a big dog, but you may want to consider a dog with a loud bark. A guard dog will not only scare away an intruder, but the dog will also keep you company.

7. Don’t leave a spare key outside.

Give a spare key to a trusted neighbour or family member instead of hiding it under a mat or the fake rock in the front garden. The mat and near-by places are the first spots an intruder will look for a spare key.

8. Take a self-defense class.

The more knowledge you have, the better you’ll feel about being home alone. Take a self-defense class to learn the basics of protecting yourself. These classes are practical and fun, and a great way to keep fit

9. Call someone.

Sometimes just talking to someone for a little while will help you to calm down if you are scared. Call a friend or a family member to talk about your day and to have some conversation.

10. Have a check-in plan.

When you live alone, it’s important to let someone you trust know your basic schedule and plan. If you are going out of town, make sure a family member or a neighbour knows your plan. You may even want to let someone trusted nearby know when you are typically expected home from work.

The more you know, the more confident you’ll be. The key to feeling safe when you’re home alone is to feel in control.

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