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First Time Buyers - Home Security

Buying a home for the first time is exciting, but all the things to consider can also make it stressful. One aspect you don’t want to stress over is the safety of your new home and your family living in it. To do that, you can install a home security system to help your always feel safe in your new home. This is likely the biggest investment you have made in your life thus far, so you want to make sure that you protect it by all means necessary. Here are a few ways you can do that.

Do Your Research

You will find yourself doing plenty of research while you’re buying your first home. One facet of that research should be the neighbourhood to which you are moving, including its crime rates and overall safety. Depending on what you find, you may or may not want to ramp up your home security with a quality home security system that can offer you better safety for you, your family, and your brand new home.

In addition to protecting your home’s inhabitants, you’ll want to protect your investment itself, so a good home security system is important to find as well. This will be another facet of your research while you are buying your first home. Both of these types of research are just as important as many others, including finances, because without the safety of your home confirmed, you won’t be protecting your family or your purchase and thus lose the secure feeling you should be able to feel in your own home.

Consider the Features of Home Security Systems

Once you have done some research and decided that you do want a home security system, the next thing you’ll want to do is to consider what features of home security systems are best suited for what you’re looking for. These might include everything from door and window alarms controlled remotely or by a panel code to security cameras placed around the outside of your new home. All our systems can even be connected to your smartphone so that you can always have a way to monitor your home security no matter where you are.

Depending on the level of safety of your neighbourhood and your own personal preferences, you may want some or all of the features made available to you. Prices will vary based on which features you choose for your home security package, so make sure that this system is within the budget you’ve set for all costs incurred in your first home-buying purchase. You may also want to consider fire and CO2 detection devices- its important to consider both fire safety and burglarly prevention.

Limit Easy Access

Criminals are always looking to target homes with easy access points. These are usually unlocked doors, such as a side or back door, and unlocked or open windows. A home security system can only go so far if you are not careful protecting your new home from burglaries by leaving doors or windows open or unlocked, both during the day or at night. Make sure that you work together with your new home security system to have the best possible security available in your home. Protecting your family and your investment should always be a priority, so make sure that you do your own part in ensuring it.

Should you wish to find out more about protecting your new property, give us a call on 02034881699 or visit and fill in our survey request form and one of our surveyors will be in touch.

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