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February 8, 2019

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October 11, 2019

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What to do when your neighbours are burgled

August 15, 2016


Every 90 seconds, a burglary occurs in the United Kingdom, and a large percentage of those break-ins happen to residential properties. A burglary is traumatizing for the victims, but it can also be frightening for your neighbours. If a burglary occurs in on your street, count yourself lucky that your household wasn't the target this time and take the following steps.

1. Lend a Hand to Your Neighbours

In the aftermath of a burglary, your neighbours are likely scared and upset. Their property has possibly been damaged and their sense of security and personal space has been violated. You can help your neighbours cope by reminding them they are not alone in the recovery process. Offer to help them clean up and repair any damages. 

Together with your neighbours, you may consider implementing a neighbourhood watch scheme. By looking out for one another’s homes, keeping your eye out for suspicious activity, and checking in on a neighbour’s home when they are on holiday, you and your neighbours may feel more secure. Your local safer neighbourhood team police constable can point you in the right direction for crime prevention tips and help.

2. Talk with Your Family

If you have children, talk with them about how they are feeling in reaction to the burglary. They may be worried about a burglary happening to their own home, or they may wonder why burglaries happen in the first place. As a family, have an open conversation about the burglary that occurred and let your children share their reactions and any concerns they have.