COVID-19: Company Statement

Covid-19 is affecting everyone – but we can get through it if we all support each other. Looking after and protecting our customers and employees is our top priority. So we’ll be closely monitoring the guidance provided by Public Health England supported by the local and national government throughout the UK and continued regular reviews of our internal practices in reflection of the needs of our customers and staff.

We have already implemented extensive measures to manage the risk to our clients, staff and the business. This includes extra attention to hygiene and cleanliness.

We will also be asking important questions about the health of employees or residents at your property, this is to protect you and our employees. If you are currently isolating, social distancing, or have any of the symptoms listed by Public Health England please let us know and we can re-schedule our visit.

Henson Security's Alarm Monitoring Centre has several business continuity procedures in place, to ensure there is no interruption to the monitoring of your security system, this includes the ability to increase cover in the event of staffing issues related to COVID.

Our contact staff and engineering teams are able to still assist you 24/7 however we ask customers who do not require a vital response or emergency service to contact us by email at, this allows us to deal with crucial emergencies from other customers first.

Whilst we are still available to carry out site visits for new surveys, we are also able to offer surveys via video call, please contact us for more information.

Thank you for your understanding and stay safe.

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