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Keyholder Update

Need to update your keyholder information? You can do that here. 

Use the information boxes to fill out or update keyholder information for your monitored system, when filling this out, please ensure that you list keyholders in order of priority as Keyholder 1 will be actioned first. 

If you do not know your current site password, please enter a new site password and we will update this after verification checks have taken place

Site keyholder updates usually take 24-48 hours to update within our systems, once complete a confirmation email will be sent

If you have any queries about keyholder information, please do not hesitate to contact us on the number below, our offices are open to update keyholder information

Monday - Friday - 8am to 8pm

0800 031 4350

Alternatively, existing contracted customers can use the above number for 24/7 emergency service

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Thank you for your amended keyholder infomation, a confirmation email will be sent once we have updated our systems

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